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Jack Peñate- ‘No One Lied’

Jack Peñate controls my mind. Yesterday I asked the very question of “What’s happened to Jack Peñate?” and today I find that he’s uploaded a new song for all the world to see. Two years can be a long time in the music world (he’s been off the radar since 2009’s album ‘Everything Is New’) and since that last album we’ve seen the introduction of all kinds of artists; so has Peñate stepped up like his old friends The Maccabees to deliver material and a sound to show that he’s grown up since the indie disco days?

The answer is yes, completely. Don’t get me wrong, something inside me made me think that his comeback song would be upbeat, something that would be an instant radio hit, but Jack Peñate has fooled me and produced something really raw, serious and simple. ‘No One Lied’ is a beautiful, Jeff Buckley-esque song stripped back to just one man and his guitar, a song that makes you just sit there and listen to Jack Peñate himself. Although he’s mentioned the lyrics in the song, this song is really the ‘sweet surprise’. Welcome back, Jack.

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